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Barrington Lake is over 10 miles long with islands, bays, reefs, and points that provide excellent walleye structure. We are the only camp or home on the lake, and pride ourselves in maintaining our fishery. The best word we can use to describe it is a remote fisherman’s paradise.

Barrington Lake Camp is North Western Ontario’s premiere fishing destination with 10 000 acres of fishable waters full of walleye and monster northern pike. There are no private homes, no cottages and no roads. Plane in only, or save some money by using the VIA Rail passenger train service. We have our own private stop, and are the only lodge on the lake. We are located on mile marker 61.5 West of Allanwater Bridge stop. The closest pick-up stop to us is the Savant Lake station, which is a 25min ride. Fly in quality fishing at a affordable price, thanks for the convenience of the train!

If you are looking for a true trophy lake, then look no further.  All Walleye over 18″ & Northern Pike over 29"  are to be released back into the lake. Our conservation policy goes a step beyond the Ontario fishing regulations not allowing any large fish to be taken from the water.  We are very stringent on keeping this fishery in great shape.  Even if the angler thinks the fish is not going to make it, it is to be released back in the water. Replica fish created today are much more durable and look great.  Properly releasing the trophy and breeder fish back in the water gives fishermen the opportunity to catch the fish again and again. The fish will continue spawning, producing offspring carrying those trophy class genes for generations to come.

Shore lunch is considered to be one of the best parts of  fishing! Barrington Lake Camp has great shore lunch sites well placed through out the lake.  There are fire pits for those who enjoy cooking over an open fire or rent one of our complete shore lunch kits! (See Rates for more information)

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We encourage our guests to take things easy and to maybe have an evening campfire and socialize a bit. As you relax under the open sky, you will notice how amazingly clear the stars can be. Keep looking, and you may be treated to an appearance of the Aurora Borealis, which can be quite spectacular in our corner of the world. At Barrington Lake we offer some of the best, unspoiled, remote fishing in the region. If you are looking for a trip of a lifetime, you will find it at Barrington Lake Camp. In addition to great fishing and hunting, we offer a quiet place to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of city living. Guests can set their own pace by getting up at daybreak for early fishing or enjoy sleeping in.