Getting There

By Train

Flying in to our camp is an amazing experience that everyone should experience. For those a little afraid to fly or just want to save a few bucks you can travel by train right to our camp. We have our very own private VIA rail stop in the middle of a remote paradise. (Mile marker 61.5 West of the Allanwater bridge)  

We recommend boarding the train in either Sioux Lookout, ON or Armstrong, ON. Free parking is available at both stations. The train fair is $44.00CAD round trip. We suggest purchasing your tickets in advance by calling 1-866-VIA RAIL (1-866-842-7245). Do not forget to mention we are located on "mile marker 61.5 Allanwater subdivision" when purchasing your tickets. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

You can also depart from any VIA rail station across Canada. Contact us personally, and we will make all the transportation arrangements for you. 

VIA rail fleet is equipped with all the amenities and technology that you’ve come to expect from modern travel, including wireless Internet access, and a restaurant with bar car. There is also private sleeping cabins that can be arranged .

For more information on rail-in, visit

Canada Rail Train

By Plane

Flying into Barrington Lake Camp is another option available for guests. The advantage of flying into camp is you choose your travel dates, and times. The closest air services is Rusty Myers charter flights located in Savant Lake, It is a short 15min flight to camp. This short distance makes it more affordable than one thinks. For a group of 4, it adds approximately $200.00 to your total cost per person.

Contact us for more information. Visit our rates for pricing. 

Photo of plane

Getting to the Station

Driving distance to the Sioux Lookout train station from:

  • Duluth 400 miles
  • Thunder Bay 230 miles
  • International Falls 250 miles
  • Sault Ste. Marie 693 miles
  • Chicago 850 miles
  • Green Bay  730 miles
  • Des Moines  780 miles

Attention Americans

Crossing the border can sometimes be a “memorable experience” to say the least.  Please check online or call ahead to check custom policies. You must have a passport to enter Canada. To better prepare yourself and not spoil any of your fun on your way to us please visit