Barrington Lake is a premier fishing destination that offers world class fishing, and modern accommodations in a remote, unspoiled setting. Barrington Lake is grandfathered into Wabakimi Provincial Park, and is over 10 miles long with islands, bays, reefs, and points that provide excellent walleye structure through out. We are also the only lodge, cabin, or house on the lake which results in ultra low fishing pressure - or as I like to call it "full of big, dumb fish". If Barrington Lake isn’t enough, try one of our 8 portage lakes. Each having their own fishing personality and offering their own fishing experience. Each portage lake is always equipped with a boat, motor, and unlimited gas for use at any time.

No matter what you're looking for we’ve got it. Some of our clients do not travel beyond one mile of camp and say they’ve never caught so many fish. For others, the adventure of our portage lakes is perfect to have that real, bush country, wilderness experience.

Walleye is the number one sought after fish at Barrington Lake Camp. Anglers enjoy catching Walleye with many different fishing techniques. A jig and a minnow or trolling with a warm harness are time tested, and always do the trick. Another lure I recommend trolling with is the Lucky Craft Pointer 100sp Jerk Bait. It's not uncommon for guests to catch over 50 Walleyes in a day. Generally when you hit a spot with tons of Walleyes, they are usually up to 3 pounds range with the odd 5 to 6-pounder thrown in. The really big trophy Walleyes are usually solitary during the summer and can be found a little deeper than the smaller Walleyes. "The average size of the walleye in the lake is between 19"-22", and northern are between 28"-34" Also available are the Blue Walleye, which is rare but our guests do catch them. Don't worry, they taste just like regular Walleye.

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