Ice Fishing

For the Enthusiasts

Barrington Lake camp offers remote ice fishing thanks to its unique train access. You can also come by snowmobile directly  from the town of Savant Lake. Ice fishing with us will be one of the coolest fishing trips you will ever experience! Pristine snow covered lakes in the rugged Canadian Shield. Truly remote! We use the main lodge for accommodations. The air-tight wood stoves in every room keep you toasty and warm. The lights are propane and solar. This is remote ice fishing at its best. At camp you will have a heated room, Wi-Fi, full kitchen with propane fridge and stove, a newly-built heated outhouse, and electricity on demand to charge batteries and extra lights. A flat screen TV with satellite is also available.We access numerous lakes by snowmobile, ATV and even snowshoes. We travel with portable ice huts to keep us mobile and on top of fish. Water will be available through the lake but there will be no running water for showers. Limited spots available for ice-fishing. Only 2 rooms available in the winter months. You will have thousands of acres of water to yourself.